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PhD/postdoc position to theoretically study fundamental evolutionary questions

  • 11 Jul 2024 4:54 AM
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    We seek an outstanding, highly motivated, curious, and creative candidate interested in applying mathematical modeling to theoretically study fundamental evolutionary questions. 

    About the proposed research:

    Many plants are at high risk of self-fertilization and evolved specialized mechanisms called ′′self- incompatibility" to reduce it. These mechanisms distinguish between “self” and “non-self” fertilization using specific matches and mismatches between specialized proteins, expressed at the male and female reproductive organs. We are studying theoretically the evolution of a particular self-incompatibility mechanism, found in common plants such as apple, pear, and Petunia.

    This research addresses fundamental questions regarding the joint evolution of multiple genes that should function together and hence could constrain each other’s evolution. The research includes stochastic simulations and theoretical aspects. We use a variety of tools, such as mathematical modeling, and stochastic computer simulations, and apply methods from statistical mechanics and information theory.

    To read more check our recent publication:

    About the lab:

    Our lab is located in the Rehovot campus of the Hebrew University and is part of the Plant Science and Genetics Institute, Faculty of Agriculture. The city of Rehovot is in central Israel, a 30-minute train ride from Tel-Aviv.

    Lab website:

    The project is co-supervised by Dr. Tamar Friedlander (Hebrew University, Plant Science and Genetics Institute) and by Prof. Ohad Noy Feldheim (Hebrew University, Einstein Institute Of Mathematics )  


    • Curiosity and keen interest in basic research
    • Good programming skills (preferentially Matlab or Python)
    • Strong research and data analysis skills
    • Ability to learn and work independently.
    • MSc degree in either physics, mathematics, computer science, computational biology, engineering, or another related field.
    • A prior background in evolutionary biology or population genetics in an advantage (but not a must).

     To apply: Interested candidates should send their CV + transcripts + contacts of 2 references and a cover letter in which they briefly write why they are interested in this position and why they think they fit to .  

     Informal inquiries are also welcome.

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