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Call for Proposals to Organize Annual Meeting

The Society for Mathematical Biology promotes the development and dissemination of research at the interface between the mathematical and biological sciences through its annual meetings. The Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology is the most important event organized and sponsored by the Society. It is the most visible yearly event organized by the Society and hence serves as a show case for the goals, ambitions and activities of the society.

The Annual Meeting program must respond to and serve the needs of the membership, which represents diverse scientific, technical, educational, and demographic constituencies. The Annual Meeting should accommodate conferees’ desires to share their results with their colleagues; to meet and discuss matters of interest to themselves and their colleagues; to learn about important advances in other areas of mathematical biology; and to advance their technical, analytical, and other skills needed for their career development goals. Special attention needs to be given to the experiences of junior members of the Society who may be attending a national/international meeting for the first time.

In odd years, the Annual Meetings are generally organized in North America. In even years, the Annual Meetings are generally organized outside North American. The Society has agreed to hold a joint annual meeting with the European Society for Mathematical & Theoretical Biology every four years, and the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology every four years.

If you are interested in organizing an annual meeting, call for proposals should be submitted four to five years in advance of the meeting. The Annual Meeting venue will be selected by the Board of Directors four years in advance. Prospective annual meeting organizers should first inform the President of the Society and the Society’s Secretary of their intentions and then prepare a written proposal. The deadline of submission of the bid material is June 1 four years before the relevant Annual Meeting. The proposal should be submitted to the Society’s Secretary.

For directions into how to submit a proposal, visit the Guidelines for Proposals to Organize Annual Meetings.

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