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Conference: Models in Population Dynamics, Ecology, and Evolution - MPDEE-24

  • 30 Dec 2023 5:02 AM
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    Models in Population Dynamics, Ecology, and Evolution - MPDEE-24
    (Leicester, UK, April 15-19, 2024)

    The MPDEE 2024 conference ( ) is taking place at the University of Leicester on the 15th-19th April 2024, and will cover applications of mathematical modelling to explore processes and mechanisms in various biological systems ranging from a cell to the human society. A special focus will be on the interplay between ecology and evolution across time and space. MPDEE’24 is also expected to explore similarities between modelling techniques traditionally applied in ecology and evolution and those used in other life sciences with the purpose to enhance interdisciplinary approaches and to stimulate further advances in population dynamics, ecology and evolution. The meeting will be an open forum for interaction between theoreticians and empirical biologists with the main goal of enhancing communication between the two groups to better link theories with empirical realities. 

    It is our pleasure to confirm that this year's invited speakers are:

    Honorary Speaker:  Alan Hastings (Davis, USA) 

    Confirmed plenary speakers (in alphabetic order) 

    Maira Aguiar (Bilbao, Spain)

    Malay Banerjee (IIT Kanpur, India) 

    Michael Bonsall (Oxford, UK) 

    Vasilis Dakos (Montpellier, France) 

    Ivana Gudelj (Exeter, UK) 

    Valerio Lucarini (Reading, UK) 

    Jean-Christophe Poggiale (Marseille, France) 

    Davide Valenti (Palermo, Italy) 

    Sebastian Wieczorek (Cork, Ireland) 

    For more information, please visit the conference web site at: 

    For any inquiries, please contact organisers Andrew Morozov ( and Sergei Petrovskii (  

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