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BMB Article Highlight: Dragicevic (2024)

14 May 2024 5:26 PM | Publications Team (Administrator)

The Unification of Evolutionary Dynamics through the Bayesian Decay Factor in a Game on a Graph

by Arnaud Z. Dragicevic

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The study unifies evolutionary dynamics on graphs by employing a decaying Bayesian update in the context of strategic uncertainty. It demonstrates that the replication of strategies leading to shifts between competition and cooperation in well-mixed and Bayesian-structured populations is equivalent under certain conditions. Specifically, this equivalence holds when the rate of transition between competitive and cooperative behaviors matches the relative strength of selection pressures. Our findings help pinpoint scenarios where cooperation is favored, independent of payoff levels, expanding the application of Price's equation beyond its original intent.

Caption: The basins of attraction of the Price-wise unstructured population replicator dynamics

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