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The Society for Mathematical Biology Committees are essential to the implementation of the Society’s stated purpose to encourage development and dissemination of knowledge at the interface between the mathematical and biological sciences. The Society has three standing committees (Membership, Publications, and Finance) and five special committees (Awards, Nominating, Mentoring, Subgroups, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

Society members wishing to be more involved in Society committees are encouraged to submit their name to the Society Secretary.

Membership Committee

This committee assess changes in membership of the Society and, based on those assessments, develop plans to recruit new members and to retain existing members by being responsive to the member needs. It will also run mentorship and professional development programs.

Co-chairs: Michael Robert, Amina Eladdadi 
Members at large: Fola Augusto, Kyle Dahlin, Jennifer Flegg, Peter Kim, Robyn Shuttleworth

Publications Committee

This committee is responsible for the management of the [publications] of the Society and negotiating contracts. It also appoints publication boards for the Society’s publications subject to the Board approval.

Chair: Ruth Baker
Members at large: Jane Heffernan, Jana Gevertz, Amber Smith, Santiago Schnell
Editor-in-Chief of Bulletin of Mathematical Biology: Matthew Simpson
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology Publication Board:  Ruth Baker, Heiko Enderling, Jane Heffernan
Newsletter Publication Board: Alys Clark, Sara Loos, Fiona MacFarlane, Thomas Woolley
Social Media Publication Board: Heiko Enderling, Amber Smith, Phebe Havor, Mohit Jolly, Adam MacLean
Website Publication Board: Ruth Baker, Sarah Brueningk, Cole Butler, Adrianne Jenner, Tian Hong, Jeffrey West

Finance Committee

This committee receives the total coordinated budget proposals annually from the Treasurer and recommend the annual budgets, reserve funds and investments of the Society.

Chair: Santiago Schnell
Members at large: Richard Bertram, Abba Gumel, Jane Heffernan, Heiko Enderling, Jana Gevertz (Treasurer)

Awards Committee

The awards committee administers the Society awards, and select the award winners.

Chair: Heiko Enderling
Members at large: Jane Heffernan, Fred Adler, Jennifer Flegg, Carrie Diaz Eaton.

Nominating Committee

This committee prepares a list of nominees for the Board of Directors and President-Elect when necessary, determine the willingness of the candidate to run, and report its list of the Board of Directors for approval. In addition, the nomination committee should seek for volunteers willing to serve as Secretary, Treasurer and on the Society Committees.

Chair: Ruth Baker
Members at large: Mark Chaplain, Heiko Enderling, Zhilan Feng, Mary Myerscough, Suzanne Sindi

SMB Mentoring Program Committee

Co-Chairs: Stacey Smith?, Elissa Schwartz, Padmini Rangamani
Members at large: Caroline Bampfylde, Meghan Burke, Christina Cobbold, Renee Dale, Adriana Dawes, Rebecca Everett, Alexandra Hogan, Carrie Manore, Tracy Stepien, Laura Strube, John Nardini, Hayriye Gulbudak

Subgroup Committee

Chair: Jane Heffernan
Members at large: Michael Watson, Vijay Rajagopal, Alexandria Volkening, Stacey Smith?, Morgan Craig, Miranda Teboh-Ewungkem, Cheng Ly, Jason George, Harsh Jain, Kevin Flores, Erica Rutter, John Nardini, Christina Cobbold.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Co-Chairs: Stacey Finley
Members at large: Renee Brady-Nicholls, Morgan Craig, Veronica Ciocanel, Daniel Cruz, Thomas Fai, Ashlee Ford Versypt, Paul Hurtado, Michael Kelly, Jesse Kreger, Adam MacLean, RB McGee, Mordecai Opoku, Oke Segun, Hayariye Gulbudak, Anna Konstorum, Elissa Schwartz.

Future Annual Meetings Committee

Chair: Amber Smith
Members at large: Connah Johnson, Ruth Baker, Zhilan Feng, Elissa Schwartz, Heiko Enderling

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